Why Exhibit?

5 Reasons to Exhibit at CCE Southeast Asia 2020

A lucrative market. The corrugated and folding carton sector is in the midst of rapid and sustained growth, with an expected 14% jump in demand from 2016 to 2021 in Asia alone. According to the US research company RISI, the anticipated increase will put demand for corrugated cardboard at over 87 million tons annually.

An industry reborn. The rise of e-commerce as a preferred shopping medium once again puts corrugated board front and center as a prime packaging solution. As digital printing becomes more widely adopted, opportunities for corrugated applications will increase even further.

A new generation of products. Accompanying the growth of this sector are impressive new advances in technology. The latest products can radically improve production efficiency, allowing customized packaging to be produced at ultra-high speeds. The trade show will provide a terrific platform for this and countless other new products and services on offer.

A focus on advanced technology. The expo will showcase state-of-the-art technology from manufacturers and suppliers, providing a total solution for the entire corrugated and folding carton industry. Exhibitors will connect with a targeted audience of influential buyers and end users, demonstrating new machines, accessories and services in an industry that is primed for rapid regional growth.

Opportunities in a changing world. With businesses seeking to cut logistics costs, corrugated cardboard has been shown to reduce labor requirements and provide an overall savings of up to 20% on transportation. An increasingly interconnected global economy will require packaging solutions that provide the best value for money on transported items.

These and other essential trends will be covered in great depth at the 3rd International Corrugated and Folding Carton Industry Exhibition in Bangkok, where all the major players across the region will market their products and services.

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