Yangzhou Weipong Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

Personalized Team, Featured Services In 2005, TAIWAN WEIPONG MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in Jiangsu Yizheng Industrial Park, specializing in Automatic Flexo Printer Slotters & Folder gluer in line. Given this Taiwanese machinery company’s specialization and advanced management, WEIPONG MACHINERY has developed rapidly and smoothly. With decades of experience and branding by the Taiwanese company in the Chinese corrugated and printing machine industry, WEIPONG owns well-trained engineers and technicians who have over 15-20 years of corrugated machine experience. Trained by Taiwanese technicians, the WEIPONG team’s success can be attributed to their strong work ethic and focus. After years of effort by the entire staff, WEIPONG MACHINERY has achieved a leading position in the domestic printing machine industry, especially excelling in flexo printer slotter machines which have set new industry benchmarks. Striving for Excellence, Diversified Development Throughout the years of development, WEIPONG MACHINERY has always produced high-grade equipment, adhering to their price positioning and paying particular attention to the research and development of innovative products. Some research and development initiatives include equipment automation, ordering, operating time, humanized design, increasing productivity and efficiency, and decreasing inefficiencies. In order to meet customer requirements for corrugated equipment to have fewer procedures, less manpower, less input loss, higher efficiency, higher quality and higher performance, WEIPONG MACHINERY invests heavily in printing production lines and has achieved results. Competition is everywhere. Where there is a market, there is competition. Thus, WEIPONG MACHINERY maintains a competitive advantage by insisting on creating personalized products to meet customer needs. In this respect, they focus on quality over quantity in terms of development. With deep roots in Taiwan, WEIPONG MACHINERY has created a strong domestic presence and is now entering into international markets. WEIPONG MACHINERY has already entered international markets such as Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and other countries. There are also increasing customers in Egypt and Middle Eastern countries that WEIPONG MACHINERY is ready to serve. Additionally, WEIPONG MACHINERY will continue to develop the Eastern European market. In the future, WEIPONG MACHINERY will be more active in creating agents in various countries, and building diversified selling channels in order to offer its products all around the world. With a dream of greatness, WEIPONG will continue to focus on building its brand in the world in order to meet the corrugated industry's ever-changing challenges; always creating innovative features, new technologies and new equipment, and targeting sales worldwide to achieve continued international success!

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