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Who we are?
Kiwiplan has been providing software solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of corrugated box manufacturers for more than 35 years. Customers around the globe in 22+ countries, running in 16+ languages are dependent on these solutions to run their manufacturing facility in the most efficient manner possible.

Did you know? More than 80% of the boxes produced in the United States are made in plants running Kiwiplan software.

Solutions Available
Kiwplan offers software modules to address every aspect of your business. These solutions are both tightly integrated and modular in form, allowing you to grow with Kiwiplan and add the solutions you need, when you need them.

Software modules available include:
 Order Management (including CAD integration)
 Cost Estimating & Pricing
 Corrugator scheduling (manual and automated)
 Automated scheduling of converting machines
 Shop floor data collection
 Electronic connectivity on the factory floor with corrugator controllers, conveyors, converting machines and more.
 Tools for material and tooling handlers
 Quality management
 Tracking of finished goods and work-in-process
 Automated truck scheduling
 Data warehouse
 Reporting solutions
 Mobile options

Benefits you can expect
 Increased visibilty, production efficiency and throughput
 Reduced costs.

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