Effective Packaging Tips For Your Business

28 August 2018

Packaging is of great importance because it keeps the products safe from damage during transit and make it look appealing to the customers. Product packaging should be considered relevant to branding and not an unnecessary cost with wastage of resources. It is crucial to invest in designing an efficient and cost-effective system for your product packaging.

Finding the most affordable, effective, and appealing packaging at the same time can very a very challenging task. However, it is not impossible. Here are 5 tips that will help your product stand out.

This means that you have to be very knowledgeable about your own product. Start with generating your product’s profile, how your product needs to be protected and how it should be presented to the customer. Ask yourself if it’s important for your product to have a certain kind of packaging. For example, if your product is delicate, does it need to be wrapped in protective material like bubble wrap or would styrofoam be a better choice. Research and find out if a cheaper alternative can suffice. It is important to choose your packaging smartly even if your product is extravagant.

This is from your customer’s feedback and sales reviews. Pay close attention to your customer base. Re-search and innovate ideas for the ideal packaging. Study the customers’ reviews and generate the best ideas, see what works best for the consumer.

For example, if you’re selling household appliances and a large portion of your product are damaged during the storage, transportation or the distribution process, you might need to consider options such as shredded newspapers or color papers as fillers. If you prioritize customized packaging for premium products. Using cheaper options like bubble wrap pouches for protecting expensive devices works as well. However, always take a survey in the market before operating on different packaging strategies.

Exploring available options is extremely important to create the perfect packaging layout. There are various packaging materials available in the market. You need to select what is best for business. Use different materials for fillers, pressing, covers and different sized products based on your product and custom-er requirements.

Sometimes, unnecessary amount of bubble wrap or fillers can annoy the customer. Avoid using excessive crumpled papers or extra adhesive tape unless your product is fragile and pricey. Stick to basics like protecting your product from the inside first then try simple and elegant designs. For example, using self locking corrugated boxes to avoid adhesive tapes altogether.

Start from the inside of your package and work your way out. Think about the last material your customer peels off before they touch your product and build systematic covers around it. Try to use least number of layers but do not compromise on safety. Stop using the same kind of packaging on all of your products, start customizing the package based on the features of your products. Switch to smarter alternatives in-stead of just using what’s cheapest. Using minimal material for maximum output is not only cost efficient but also enhances your reputation as well.

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