Plain Box No More: Corrugated Box’s Future Remains Bright With New Technologies

20 August 2018

The proper introduction of single pass digital corrugated press at Drupa back in 2016 was a revolutionary in its own right. Prior to the introduction, digital corrugated printing had minimal involvement in the converting process. The technology was mainly restricted to smaller quantity productions or the production of samples. Ever since the event, the technology inches further towards popular use.

As Rachel Kenyon, VP of the Fibre Box Association observed, many of their “member companies are making investments in digital printing or improving and upgrading the printing capabilities that they have”.

This possibility of introducing digital corrugated press with production speed capabilities into mainstream corrugated production processes opens the door to countless opportunities for converters and brands alike.

According to, Jeff Wettersten, the president at Karstedt Partners, “the development of single-pass printing leads to higher throughput, enabling digital printing to have a broader level of participation in the converter’s business”.

Like many other industries, the rise of e-commerce also provide ample of opportunities to the corrugated converting industry, especially so for those who invest in single pass digital corrugated press.

The rise of e-commerce has altered consumers’ behaviour. They now rely much less on traditional brick and mortar stores, and therefore shelf presence of products. In this new commercial age, items are judged based on online reviews, are ordered online then sent directly to the consumers in corrugated boxes. This in itself is already beneficial to the industry. However, with the possibilities and capabilities of the digital printing becoming more mainstream, these opportunities for brands and converters increases even more.

Kenyon explains that this is because the packaging experience is becoming more dynamic and improving along side the digital corrugated printing technologies. She contends that there is a real possibility for brands to bring their targeted messaging right into a consumer through the corrugated boxes. Corrugated has always been used to make great packaging for brands. But with the possibility for brands to decorate and print on them, their potential to spread their message increases.

“It’s just a matter of time before boxes start having brand advertising on them or more specific information about the product that’s inside, or more personalized information about the person that’s getting the box.”

Another possibility single pass digital corrugated press provides in the ability to print on the inside of corrugated boxes, an area often ignored urges Wettersten.

In doing so, the brands are still able to increase their consumers experience with improved packaging, whilst still maintaining a degree of security.

Despite the clear opportunities, the assimilation of new technologies into an industry is not always easy as they are often met with doubt and scepticism. However, if things continue on this path the future for the corrugated industry remains bright.

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