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ประกาศผลรางวัล Thai Corrugated Packaging Excellence Awards 2018
20 September 2018
ประกาศผลรางวัล "Thai Corrugated Packaging Excellence Awards 2018"
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Innovations on Display at Thailand’s First Thai Corrugated Packaging Excellence Awards
04 September 2018
27 August, 2018
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Effective Packaging Tips For Your Business
28 August 2018
Packaging is of great importance because it keeps the products safe from damage during transit and make it look appealing to the customers. Product packaging should be considered relevant to branding and not an unnecessary cost with wastage of resources. It is crucial to invest in designing an efficient and cost-effective system for your product packaging.
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Plain Box No More: Corrugated Box’s Future Remains Bright With New Technologies
20 August 2018
The proper introduction of single pass digital corrugated press at Drupa back in 2016 was a revolutionary in its own right. Prior to the introduction, digital corrugated printing had minimal involvement in the converting process. The technology was mainly restricted to smaller quantity productions or the production of samples. Ever since the event, the technology inches further towards popular use.
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Thinking Outside the Box: Hand Holes as a Product of Careful Design
13 August 2018
Hand holes are designed and implemented onto corrugated boards to facilitate safer carrying when they are turned into boxes. This feature is especially useful when the size or weight of the item(s) in the box is quite significant. Televisions, printers, windows, doors, and many other types of products typically come in boxes with hand holes, but these convenient design elements are not as easy to create and implement as many consumers think.
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Flexography VS Digital Printing
06 August 2018
Flexography (or ‘flexo’) is a relief printing technique. The process involves custom print plates manufactured with raised rubber or plastic, created to match specific artworks or designs. The plates are mounted on a cylinder where ink is applied to the raised areas – which is then, like a stamp, pressed directly on the desired surface, transferring the ink. Flexo can be used on a number of surfaces including corrugated boxes and flexible packaging materials.
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Retail-Ready Packaging: A Look Ahead
31 July 2018
Although the average consumer may not spend much of their day thinking about retail-ready packaging, manufacturers and supermarkets do. The fact that it its presence is so seamlessly incorporated into the fabric of daily life is in fact testament to the great amount of thought that designers and producers of corrugated cardboard products have already spent.
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Effective Packaging: The Best Way to Make a First Impression
23 July 2018
Many companies that work with e-commerce consider their job to be complete when the customer clicks the ‘purchase’ button. At that moment, the payment details are processed, and items are put into a box and shipped off to the customer. These are standard procedures, and there isn’t much a company can do to improve them – right?
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World Bank: Philippines to remain one of East Asia’s fastest growing economies.
16 July 2018
The World Bank reported that the Philippines are expected to maintain their strong economic growth until 2020, upholding their position as one of the top growing countries in East Asia and the Pacific.
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Sticking to the Right Formula: How Glue Rolls Can Affect Your Bottom Line
09 July 2018
Properly maintaining your corrugated glue rolls is extremely important, as ones that are out of round or not parallel can be expensive. This is the case because the machine will consume more adhesive during the process, leading to additional costs. If a roll is out of round, every revolution will change the gap with the metering roll. As a result the thickness of the adhesive film will change as the roll turns.
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