Asia Industry News

World Bank: Philippines to remain one of East Asia’s fastest growing economies.
16 July 2018
The World Bank reported that the Philippines are expected to maintain their strong economic growth until 2020, upholding their position as one of the top growing countries in East Asia and the Pacific.
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Sticking to the Right Formula: How Glue Rolls Can Affect Your Bottom Line
09 July 2018
Properly maintaining your corrugated glue rolls is extremely important, as ones that are out of round or not parallel can be expensive. This is the case because the machine will consume more adhesive during the process, leading to additional costs. If a roll is out of round, every revolution will change the gap with the metering roll. As a result the thickness of the adhesive film will change as the roll turns.
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How to maximise results with direct corrugated printing
02 July 2018
With current technological advances, there’s been an increase in companies returning or making investment in direct, high graphics corrugated printing. There are ways of pushing the limits in direct printing, in some cases, direct corrugated print quality nearly matches that of preprint. With a disciplined approach, this type of printing may even result in new clients and increased profits.
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ASEAN’s massive growth in the corrugated cardboard and carton industry is predicted to continue
27 June 2018
ASEAN is a diverse community of 10 countries. Located in the central hub of Asia Pacific, where over two-thirds of the world’s population resides, it is a dynamic economic hub of over 630 million people, generating Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$2.5t and international trade of US$2.3t.
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The future of packaging trends in Asia
18 June 2018
Asia is the largest market for the packaging industry, accounting for over 40% of the world’s consumption. Yet, led by China and India, the regional market is still predicted to grow at the world’s fastest rate. From now till 2022, China alone is predicted to represent nearly half of world’s packaging consumption growth.
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Industry Partnership launches "2nd of CCE South East Asia - Thailand 2018"
09 May 2018
Four-member group joins forces with the aim to develop the Thai Corrugated Packing Production Industry as the regional hub.
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