Preparation for Competitiveness by Mr.Tekming Sae-Ngow, MD of Bangsai Industry Co.,Ltd. and Advisor of Thai Corrugated Packaging Association.

1. Could you please share with us the different requirements you receive from your clients?

Mostly would be the same. There are not too many different requirements but typically the comparison between profitability with benefits and flexibility all at low cost. This goes back and forth; our job is to make our clients confident with our creditability. To ensure our creditability, we have to serve every client with the best solutions, in addition to working within a limited budget without limiting the quality from our end.

2. Which sector is placing more demand on your business?

Food & beverage is still the number one in my mind, but with an emphasis on beverage. The automotive sector is also growing by using more corrugated products. The added value of corrugated packaging has become a key marketing strategy, “when Packaging is not only Packaging”. We have to refresh our ideas by learning, monitoring, improving and bringing our best solutions to serve our clients.

We will see an increase in demand over the coming years as many factors will change and contribute to the sector i.e. The logistical supply chain during transportation. The conjoining of business opportunities could be one big thing we should keep our eyes on.

3. As your company is one of the big potential buyers, what are you looking for as a tool to support your client’s requirement with efficiency?

“Dynamism with cost efficiency” is the key factor of running my business. The world is changing really fast, we all need to keep up with trends effecting innovative products and innovative ideas, in order to adjust and properly match requirements at our end.

The challenge now is how to serve all client requirements with different varieties and more efficiency according to their limited budget.

Most of the clients when they came to us, they need our support. Often with limited time and budget constraints. When we look at ourselves, we have to think how to make our clients confident with our service. To make them confident we have to prove that we can make all their requirements become real! The more our service hits this quality with cost saving, the more confidence we received.

This challenge made us think and find the best solutions from trusted brands, so they can help us realize all the problems in the production line with a high return of investment.

4. How will CCE South East Asia – Thailand 2016 support your competitive production?

As mentioned, the challenge of Bangsai Industry Ltd. now is to find the best solutions from the machineries we will invest with fitting to our plant. Then the key focus area we look forward to see by visiting CCE South East Asia – Thailand 2016 could be the suitable layout of the machines in each production line, the strategy in helping us plan and manage our internal logistic supply chain and the beneficiary in return of our investment because our mission is to deliver more quality with cost saving.

5. What do you think about CCE SEA – Thailand 2016? What you are expecting to see in this show?

I can say that CCE South East Asia – Thailand 2016 will be the first time for the corrugated and folding carton exhibition to come in this region. This will bring more opportunities for everyone in the industry to learn, get together, network and update with new innovative trends, especially with new machines.

For more competition, I do believe that all the corrugated box manufacturers are looking for new machines. We should invest in efficiency with maximum return of our investment. I think this show will be exciting and inspirational to everyone in the corrugated and folding carton industry, all of us can use this platform to expand our businesses, whilst saving travel costs as the show will happen in Thailand.

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