Introduction to the Market by Mr.Montri Mahaplerkpong President of Thai Pulp and Paper Industries Association and Corporate Marketing Director SCG Packaging PCL.

How do you see the direction of corrugated packaging industry in a few years from now?

Corrugated packaging trend in the next 3 years is expected to grow at 3% in Thailand and 5% in ASEAN. The industry will grow together with the domestic manufacturing industries, which perform high growth rates and expansion potentials in food & beverage, FMCG and automotive industries. It is highly likely that Thailand will be selected to be corrugated paper production base in the future as Thailand is the main raw material producer in the region with a promising production capability from the upstream to the downstream processes - a complete cycle.  Moreover, Thailand is also the origin of raw materials and able to manage them systematically. There are also an immense number of quality domestic packaging and corrugated paper producers with capacities to manufacture quality packaging and be able to address wide ranges of industrial needs and applications.

In addition, the liberalization of ASEAN Community (AEC) contributes to the growth of border trades and development of infrastructures and land bridges to facilitate transportation of goods from Thailand to neighboring countries. All of these factors contribute to the growth and expansion of the commerce of Thailand, which will affect the corrugated packaging industry growth as well. Furthermore, the packaging paper manufacturers in Thailand and in Vietnam have also expanded their production capacity (0.4 million tons and 1.1 million tons, respectively). The incremental production capacity is a part to support the growth of corrugated sheet and corrugated packaging paper factories in order to compete in the AEC market.

What occurrences in the future do you predict will happen to support  the growing industry?

What do you foresee as the most important area of development for this industry?

Development and improvement of raw materials, production process and marketing scheme

Sustainable materials management. The pulp and paper industries emphasize on the importance of the environment through their upstream processes; from plantation, collecting scrap papers, to the production of pulp and paper. They also focus on the development of production process in order to ensure optimal and efficient resource consumptions, reduce energy usage, reduce water usage during operation, reduce waste, or invest in research on developing waste-to-energy technology or a new packaging that reduces the usage of paper (lighter weight) but still retains its strength.

High Technology Process. The development of eco-packaging production along the value chain from paper production to packaging production, development of production process in order to ensure the optimal and efficient resource consumptions (energy, water ) and reduce waste from operation process, or developing the technology for turning waste to energy

HVA and Innovative product in the market - focusing on product development to meet the requirements of customers, converters and end- users to enhance the efficiency and value-added through the value chain.

How will CCE South East Asia – Thailand 2016 supports your competitive production?

CCE South East Asia - Thailand 2016 is a venue where Thai entrepreneurs are able to explore and learn about new innovations and technology in order to improve and strengthen their own capabilities. The event will also facilitate knowledge exchange by organizing numbers of seminars as well as workshops on several interesting topics for three whole days in an attempt to support and develop the corrugated packaging industry. It is also a major opportunity to drive Thailand towards being the center of corrugated packaging production for better competition in ASEAN markets as the importance of this industry is eminent to the advancement of the economy of the country.

As a President of Thai Pulp & Paper Industries Association, is there any special message you would like to recommend to the industry for supporting CCE South East Asia – Thailand 2016?

Thailand’s pulp and paper industry is outstanding and reputed as being a complete industry in itself from the upstream all the way to the downstream processes. It has been constantly growing along with the growth of Thailand and plays significant roles in supporting other industries of the country such as packaging paper industry. Furthermore, the industry also collaborates with other industries in a cluster manner; example of which are: publishing and packaging cluster, food cluster etc. As a result, there are certainly value chains connecting all these industries together.

As such, the fact that TPPIA partakes to support the CCE South East Asia-Thailand 2016 event will give Thai pulp and paper industry an opportunity to learn more about latest scientific and technological advancement as well as the new innovations related to novel types of packaging in order to use such experiences to improve the products in our industry and support other industries for them to grow and advance forward together with us.

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