Introduction to the Market by Mr. Ravi Kasemsarn, President of Thai Corrugated Packaging Association and Managing Director of Sarnti Packaging Co.,Ltd.

1. As ASEAN is booming could you please share the success story of Corrugated in ASEAN and Thailand
"The Thai Corrugated industry has grown every year and continuous to grow overall. When the AEC is officially launched, we cannot deny free trade and therefore increased competition between all neighbor countries but I am confident in our Thai Corrugated Producers.  The strong benefit I can say which makes us competitive to the others is because our plants can serve the client’s need in each market expansion which covers the whole process from the beginning until the end. However, I think the challenging for all of us is how we need innovation updates and apply them to our significant economies of scale."

2. Which industry cluster will see the biggest impact for Corrugated?
"The impact from the consumption of the growing young middle class and their varying lifestyles, plus the range of choices in each product selection creates a more challenging and wide ranging demand on corrugated packaging applications. It means all of the Thai Corrugated Producers need to improve their offer and become more competitive, providing a wide range of options we need to offer for each industry cluster. I can say that the growth of Corrugated industry is related to the growth of industry clusters i.e. Food and Beverage, Automotive, Electronics Appliances and Electronic Parts, Consumer goods. These 5 industry clusters are continuing to grow every year and will have the biggest impact for Corrugated industry."

3. As your company is one of the big potential buyers, what do you foresee as the most important development area of this industry?
"Technology adjustment is a key factor and the most important development of our industry. As I mentioned about the wide range of applications we need to serve our clients, then the Innovation of Technology will be a highlight all Corrugated Producers will need help with to enhance our business opportunities. We really need comprehensive tools improving our production for more efficiency and more productive economies of scale. Corrugated packaging is far beyond than an ordinary box. More value-added creates more applications i.e Corrugated Box can apply - ready on shelf - with attractive design. Printing technology should help Corrugated Packaging as a strategic tool, apart from the design the quality of printing is a real matter to attract the end users when they see options on a shelf in a retail store. From this case I can say the “Pre Print” technology should be one of the technical development we are looking for helping our capacity."

4. As a President of Thai Corrugated Packaging Association, is there any special message you would like to recommend to the industry for CCE SEA – Thailand 2016?
"CCE South East Asia – Thailand 2016 is the ideal platform for all stakeholders in Corrugated industry and the must come to help remain competitive. This will be the first time for the world’s leading Corrugated and Folding Carton exhibition to serve the local Thailand and regional market of South East Asia. CCE South East Asia will present a platform for the manufacturers and suppliers to improve their networks, expand their operations and be ready to meet the current and future expectations of their customers in the region. In addition CCE South East Asia will also provide the opportunity for professionals in the field to meet, discuss, learn and network in an environment that has not been available at this scale before in the region. Educational sessions and conferences are also planned to take place during the three days of exhibitions. I would say this platform will provide all of us to meet the real key industry suppliers in our country including provide us to update with comprehensive new technologies and new innovations to enhance our efficiency production, with competitive economies of scale. Especially our Thai SME could enjoy for more benefit in connectivity to our International buyers from CLMV which is an emerging market to our market expansion. Come and visit CCE South East Asia – Thailand during 21 – 23 September to benefit yourself, to show our Thai Corrugated unity and to show our country is ready to move forward in sustainability growth. Looking forward to welcome you in CCE South East Asia – Thailand 2016."

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