Introduction to the Market by SMS Corporation

1. What is the starting point for an industry looking at 4.0 integration?

It becomes the necessary issue for the corrugated board producers to be well prepared for entering of “4.0 integration”. As the arrival of 4.0 integration will drive the speed of production, trends including worldwide connection which expedite the business.

This might due to the ease of entering production base, source of raw material and goods from worldwide. Corrugated board producers need to improve themselves to have a higher speed of production, increase their capability to produce various grade of board. It is necessary to utilize the advance technology, while normal labor could be replaced by intelligence worker.

2. How will your solutions help the industry in this integration?

Due to the ease of customers to find alternative sources of corrugated board producers, there would be higher competition in the market in terms of product quality, specific requirements, MOQ or shorter lead times. This would be good opportunity for corrugated board producers to improve themselves to shorten their lead time, reduce cost and upgrade their product quality by applying of higher production technology. SMS as a total solution provider, are please to support you with our technology so you could be well prepared to step into 4.0 integration.

3. What in your view are the top 3 new trends we will see in the next generation corrugator?

1. Increasing of production speed:

High speed corrugators have been introduced widely and they are well known to produce corrugated board with speed of 450 mpm. However, in order to produce such a high productivity, corrugated board producers need to adjust other parameters accordingly. It could refers to paper grade, glue system or other relevant equipments.

2. Recycle paper trend:

Most of paper used nowadays is generated from recycled fiber which is due to the purpose of cost reduction and environmental saving. However, recycle paper could generate the problem of delamination due to more difficulties of adhesive penetration. SMS has already prepared total solution to solve this problem.

3 Customized grades of finished goods:

Currently, there are more design of corrugated board products in the market, due to less uses of plastic container trends and various requirements of customers. However, there are many corrugated board producers who are still facing limitation to produce various grades of corrugated board. SMS has already prepared total solution for them.

4. In collaboration with the upcoming CCE SEA – Thailand 2018, what are the key messages you want to communicate with the industry?

SMS has already prepared our total solution to support corrugated board producers who are interested to keep up with the trend of 4.0 integration. Our technicians would be please to introduce the suitable solution based on your current production technology which could be from the beginning step to the most sophisticated one. Moreover, SMS would also provide bundle package which combine our modified starch with the most advance automatic glue kitchen in order to maximize your productivity.

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